Blue Bulb #SinfulSunday Rule of thirds

At university I had a blue bulb in my bedside light. It wasn’t as bright on the eyes (pre good energy saving bulbs), it reminded me of moonlight, and to be honest I thought it was cool. Recently I found the bulb and even after 20 years it still worked!

I still like how it makes my skin look, and the resulting picture I thought worked well with this week’s prompt for the rule of thirds.

Click the lips below to see who else is playing this Sinful Sunday.


  1. You have reminded me of a red bulb I used to have. It gave off the most relaxing, calming light ever.

    This image is beautiful and you don’t need me to tell you that you totally nailed the rule of thirds!

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  2. I hate being late to the party all the great lines are taken! The light is very beautiful, and your nipple is perfectly positioned. Thanks for sharing this exquisite image Missy! xx

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