Feet #SinfulSunday #KOTW

My feet, just like the rest of me, have been well hidden for many years. I’m a sensible shoe wearer, and also I’m very sensitive between my toes so never wore flip flops and rarely sandals. (Even though I’ve worn toe rings for at least 20 years) I was even in my late thirties when I painted my toe nails for the first time ever. But this has changed with my increased confidence.

Over the last few years I’ve had several comments on how nice my feet look and last year made the effort and finally started to wear flip flops too. I’ve been getting the odd pedicure if I can grin and bear it and realised I love getting my toe nails painted (gels). I can’t have painted finger nails at work but I love knowing that underneath my sensible work shoes my toes are slutty red or hot pink. It’s a treat now to myself, and this week I managed to get them freshly done because I had a special occasion organised with my husband and I wanted to feel sexy. It worked.

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