Before her

This month’s Sinful Sunday prompt is Diptych. A Diptych is an artwork consisting of two painted or carved panels. These can be attached together or adjoining each other. Altarpieces, paintings placed on or behind the altar of a Christian church as a focus of worship, are often in Diptych (and triptych) forms.

I was lucky enough to visit my good friend Eye recently (who has her own blog Cleareyedgirl) and I was pleased with the images I took – especially these ones against an interesting metal background.

Here is my Diptych – and a different focus of worship.

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  1. I know Molly said sinister, but it feels more ghostly to me. Like I’m happening upon apparitions in an alleyway. I looove the second shot so much. Something about the position of both of your heads just makes the shot for me

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  2. Beautiful images. I love how she’s cupping your head in the second one and the way she has her phone out makes me think she’s challenging you to take her attention away from it.

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