a2zsubmiss A for Alabaster

Two years ago on twitter I did an #a2zsubmiss series over the summer, one letter everyday with an erotic image showing lots of different aspects of myself, my kinks and loves.When I started this blog in January I decided to do the series again. Some images were the same, some newly edited and some I new photographs I have done recently. I’ve posted one each week and last week I got to Z. I like the discipline of a weekly prompt so I thought I would keep going and see if I can get to Christmas and Z again!Today’s A is a truly summery image. A is for my Alabaster skin shot from Above in my garden.To see all my other a2zsubmiss photographs click here


  1. Great idea! I missed you A to Z last year as I wasn’t in this corner of twitter. I do so love an alabaster skin and wince when I read of people looking forward to getting a tan. I have had a bit of skin cancer so am well aware of the harming effects of the sun. Looking forward to your journey through the alphabet.

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    1. They are all on here to so feel free to scroll back! My family have also had skin cancer and so I have all the risk factors. I’m so careful in the sun partly because I burn so easily! This image was for the camera only!


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