1. Fab stance you have in this photo – I injured a leg two years ago and could not sit like that until recently – I worked hard to get my leg back – made it my religion and this photo reminded me of that ;-)x

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  2. Stunning image, Missy! I love the lighting here and the colour of the background really compliments your skin. I must admit when the image popped up on Twitter and before I saw it all – I thought you were recreating that spreader bar image again!

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  3. I really like this. Partly because at first look it possibly looks fairly simple, but actually it is very evocative and conveys so much and I think that is a beautiful thing x

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  4. This is a lovely photo.

    Beautifully framed and balanced, the pose both classically submissive, for those who think on those lines, and also contemplative.


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  5. I’m late commenting but just saw this image in my Twitter feed; someone retweeted it. When I saw it, I stopped in my tracks and felt a warm recognition. It sums up a moment of the perfect peace I strive for in a submissive state. Rarely achieved (for me) but no less a goal. Beautiful picture Missy x

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